I just wanted to share what a great experience I had with a one of a kind employee that you have in your company. Recently we purchased a convention center in Galena IL and are working on transforming it into a Church. In fact, we have rented this building for 11 years and recently were able to purchase it thanks to the Lords provision. Upon purchase, we realized that some work needed to be done so we called your company to get some fire protection work completed.

Honestly, being new to this sort of thing I was ready for a man like Jake to walk in. I worked in the trades for a few years and everything was women and swearing. Jake however greeted me each time with Pastor Bill, which I would rather go with Bill but he respected the title. He is a down to earth man whom I trusted from the moment we began to talk. Before anything was finalized he answered every crazy question that I had and even looked over the blue print with me to explain what was going on. Bottom line, if this is the quality of employees that you have not only do we look forward to working with you from here on out but we also look forward to sending more people your way.

Thanks for being such a great business in such a crazy world!

Pastor Bill Longmore
Galena Campus Pastor
Crossroads Community Church 

 "All things considered, TRACO rocks when it comes to service.
 Maybe it’s just Erik Adams and you who are making this work well with us at Lectronics, Inc., but I and we thank you.
 Even with the forced change of an emergency call upsetting your tech scheduling for the Ashford Properties sprinkler valve replacement, Erik took care of our needs in a totally timely and     professional manner.  ...Of course, personally pleasant, too."


"Erik Adams has been very helpful for our property needs and beyond. We may look to him for additional items at other properties as needed."

As a small business owner I have a deep appreciation for the value that exceptional employees like Jake can provide to an organization.  I can assure you, Traco is very fortunate to have Jake on their team.  He always represented your company as if it were his own and he exemplifies the true meaning of customer service.  The pride that Jake takes in his work is not something you see every day. 

Collin Stubbs | PresidentOmniLogix Solutions